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Harry Potter

Socks of the Day: People are Trying to Free Dobby the House Elf in a Museum

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JK Rowling Releases a History of The Potter Family on Pottermore

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Teacher Welcomes Back Students With Harry Potter Themed Classroom

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Muggle Mortality of the Day: It's Been 15 Years Since Furthering Proof that Death is Nearing

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The Internet Freaked Out When a Joke Hashtag Promised a New Harry Potter Book

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harry potter easter egg fan notices detail about scene that repeats the 4 first movies

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Had an Homage You Never Even Noticed.

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JK Rowling Announced a New Harry Potter Play on Twitter

geek memes news harry potter new play cursed child
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New Pottermore Story Reveals More About the Dursleys

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Alan Rickman Harry Potter Severus Snape Video - 84487

You Know What Your Day Needs? Alan Rickman Saying Harry Potter on Helium

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JK Rowling Wants to Assure You That You Did Go to Hogwarts, and It Was Totally Real

geek memes jk rowling twitter of course you went to hogwarts
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J.K. Rowling Wishes Draco Happy Birthday, Defends Harry, Won't Get Off Twitter

Draco's birthday and harry potter's son keep J K Rowling on Twitter
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JK Rowling Supports Irish Gay Marriage, Slams Westboro Baptist Church on Twitter. Long Live Twitter Queen JK!

geek memes jk rowling twitter ireland gay marriage westboro baptist church
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Harry Potter jk rowling neville longbottom - 498693

Neville Longbottom Scandalizes J.K. Rowling With His Huge Package

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JK Rowling Says She's Sorry for Fred

geek memes harry potter jk rowling on fred weasley death
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crossover Music mashup Harry Potter Video - 69683969

I Hate to Admit It, But This Uptown Funk/Harry Potter Mashup is Actually Pretty Good

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crossover Harry Potter friends Video - 69674241

Harry Potter Set to the Friends Theme Works Altogether Too Well

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