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Rumble of the Day: A King Kong Vs. Godzilla Reboot Seems to Be Happening

Godzilla will once again take on King Kong in a new moview.
Via Deadline Hollywood
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Godzilla is Now and Official Japanese Citizen, Diplomat

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Is This Road Lizard-Proof?

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Via Kashmir Hill
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Convincing People That Godzilla is Based Off of True Events is Easier Than You Thought

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Paczilla: Pacific Rim vs. Godzilla

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breaking bad godzilla walter white - 60944641

Walter White vs Godzilla

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Here's Hoping the New Godzilla is Better Than This One

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What if Godzilla Could Talk?

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7 Godzilla Facts to Make You King of the Kaiju!

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How to Spend the Next Two Weeks

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By Sosuke
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Look Out! It's the New International Godzilla Trailer!

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A Homemade Version of the Godzilla Trailer Will Make You Want to See Both Versions

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Watch This New Godzilla Trailer and Get on the Hype Train

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God Help Us All, Godzilla is Coming

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Godzilla Is Back On The Big Screen

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Monsters and Plumbers

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By Keri
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