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I Was Expecting a Different Captain's Log Pun

picard gif pun Star Trek - 7706606080
Created by Unknown

The Sudden Yet Inevitable Betrayal

gif wash serenity Firefly alan tudyk dinosaurs - 7703862528
Created by Unknown

Red Alert!

gif cat Star Trek kitty - 7701388288
Created by Unknown

Jim Parsons is Hypnotizing

gif big bang theory jim parsons - 7683535616
Created by Unknown

Nicholson Don't Give Jack

jack nicholson gif - 7669951232
Created by Unknown

I Wonder What Else is Trembling Then

gif David Tennant doctor who - 7653010176
Created by Unknown

Party Pooper

gif disney poop cinderella movies - 7629585920
Created by Unknown

There's One in Every Suburban Middle School

gif Music funny - 7531095808
Via 2000ish

Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture

gif beyoncé - 7380088832
Created by Unknown

Half the Time, it Works Everytime

gif dance Spider-Man Music FAILS g rated - 7401574144
Created by Unknown

The Most Adorable Patrick Stewart Gif of ALL TIME!

gif Star Trek patrick stewart - 7147877120
Created by Unknown

Risky Breakfast

gif nostalgia the breakfast club - 7116750592
Via Hobo Lunchbox

Jennifer Lawrence has Officially Taken Over the Internet

gif jennifer lawrence academy awards oscars - 7116377856
Via Tabby Beard

How You Feel When You Creep an Ex on Facebook

gif animation peter pan walt disney - 7116259328
Via Animated Disney Gifs

Lemme Just Sneak a Quick Squeeze...

gif tom hiddleston chris evans - 7114340352
Via SL Misfit

Bready or Not

gifs gif actor jim carrey - 6766307328
Created by Unknown