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George Takei Has The Best Response Ever To Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis

George Takei Has The Best Response Ever To Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis
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All the Best Reactions to Gay Marriage Becoming Legal Nationwide

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#LoveWins Today and Brands Are Weirdly Trying to as Well

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Here's How Famous People Greeted Marriage Equality

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JK Rowling Supports Irish Gay Marriage, Slams Westboro Baptist Church on Twitter. Long Live Twitter Queen JK!

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This Seethingly Homophobic Congressman From Idaho Forgot to Renew His Website, So It Was Scooped Up and Turned Into a Resource for LGBT Youth

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Marry, You Fools

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The Biggest Threat

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Gay Marriage: That's So Raven

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PSA of the Day: Gays Beware

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X-Marriage of the Day

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Shut the Cluck Up!

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