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Gordon Ramsay Tries His First Girl Scout Cookie and His Critique is Exactly What You Expect From Him

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Oops She Googled Some Corn?

funny fail image Britney Spears posted a google image search for grilled corn as her own
Via MisterPreda

Mashed Potato of the Day: Paula Deen Decides to Dance Like Everyone's Watching on "Dancing with the Stars'

Paula Deen will be on Dancing with the Stars.
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7 GIFs of Food Getting Shot At Sexy Ladies, And 1 Of Something Else

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Trump of the Day: Like Christ Before Him, Someone Found the Donald in Their Food

Someone found Donald Trump in their butter.
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Watch a Normal Guy Try to Eat Like The Rock

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Food Baby

Babies food celeb funny - 8248013312
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Chewbento Box Is Wookien Good

star wars chewbacca food delicious - 8002553856
By Unknown

There's Always Time For Hors d'Oeuvres

jensen ackles Supernatural dean winchester food - 7765019136
By Unknown

Alien Xenomorph (Pretzel Roll) Eggs

Aliens movies food noms - 7536909824
By HerHeroicalScandals (Via Kitchen Overlord)

Ron Swanson at The Grocery Store

ron swanson food - 7373092096
Via Paul Bearer

Two of the Best Treats in One Place

ice cream cookies dessert food - 7323184384
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These Tasty Cookies Should Never Go Extinct

baking dinosaur cookies food - 7311467264
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How To Make My Little Pony Cupcakes

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The Manliest Banana You Will See Today

parks and recreation ron swanson actor TV Nick Offerman food funny - 7019892480
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Dining With The Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook

cooking doctor who food - 6993636608
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