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TMZ reported April 8 that an inmate has taken a case to court to keep Florida rid of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

"Wayne Albright -- who's been locked up since 2000 for attempted sexual assault -- claims Florida needs protection from the couple he calls 'Meat Whistles' and 'Moose Knuckles.'

Albright shows abject contempt for the famous duo, declaring the only tolerable Kardashian is Rob, who's 'eating himself out of house and home, no doubt from the shame he feels as a result of what Kim has done to the Kardashian name.'"

Albright seeks a temporary restraining order against the family, protecting the fragile coastal ecosystem from the terrible disruption Kayne can cause.

He wants to "ban these two Moose Knuckles from appearing on any television programs aired in the state of Florida, unless it's Court TV and they're on trial for posing as a famous couple."

Speaking to the judge, Albright said, "You have your work cut out for you ... so what do you say? Make us all proud."


Sill Confused About the Different Between Robert Durst and Fred Durst? We Can Help!

HBO documentary series The Jinx told the story about a mega-rich person of interest, Robert Durst, who many believe responsible for several murders. It ended its short run last month and received a load of attention and acclaim.

Since then, Fred Durst, lead singer of the somehow-still-around Limp Bizkit, has increasingly been confused with the eccentric millionaire. And Fred Durst has grown afraid an association with the alleged killer will sully his reputation.

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