A Segway Defeats Usain Bolt Minutes After He Wins Another World Champtionship
Via USA Today
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Segways, or jerk strollers as their known, have no place in our world, especially when they are attacking top athletes.

The awesome Usain Bolt had just won his crazy fourth 200-meter victory in the Beijing world championships and was taking an extended bow to the gathered fans. Then, tragedy struck bolt.

Or rather some camera dude on a Seqway.

Fortunately for the world, and for the fate of that cameraman, Bolt came out of it unscathed.

Though Bolt got up holding his leg around his Achilles, causing Jamaica to hold its collective breath, he seemed fine and continued jogging around the track and taking pictures with the crowd. That's good, because as long as no one got injured, the whole thing was hilarious because that photographer — he was on a Segway, which makes it at least 75% funnier.

There are many videos of it.

And here's another angle:

And here's a Twitter video:

The best part is how he just rolls up like it's nbd. Because he's Usain Bolt.

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Jimmy Fallon returned to The Tonight Show July 13 after an an unexpected tape canceling June 26.

At the time, the only news that gave any cause to the cancellation was that Fallon had suffered a 'hand injury'. It turns out the real story was a little more gruesome.

He told the whole of it on last night's program, making it a funny story of tripping on a rug and catching his wedding ring on a table. Then, he said that what he suffered was called a 'ring aulsion' and he said, "Don't Google it."

So, we Googled it.

Essentially, his wedding ring caught on something and ripped the skin and muscle off the bone.

That's why you don't want to Google it.

In the video, Fallon said he was in the ICU for 10 days and it took a very delicate 6 hour surgery to reattach his finger so it wouldn't have to be straight up amputated.

But everything went well, and we're glad to hear it. Fallon's made a solid go on The Tonight Show and provided many hours of entertainment, which he comments on very sentimentally in the video.

Glad you're back, Jimmy. Now keep bringing us terribly weird gems like this.

But really, It's like, why even get married if that could happen, right?

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Some intrepid fan wants to help the world move on from Jim Carrey's recent anti-vaccination Twitter tirade. Instead, Youtuber Shawn Kohne would like to remind you of an earlier, simpler time. A time when all Jim Carrey wanted to share with you was some good, ol' fashioned pratfalls. 

Do you remember that ancient, better world? That world when seeing Jim Carrey's name didn't provoke anxiety because it might include ill-informed sensationalism that puts lives in danger? Do you remember that?

Let this video transport you back there.


Kanye and Kim Don't Think Amy Schumer is Funny

If you're wondering what type of event would bring the Dramatic Duo (Kanye West & Kim Kardashian) in contact with Amy Schumer, your wondering units are in correct working order.

Not many events would feature the three and it's probably even more interesting that it was Time's 100 Most Influential People that brought everyone together.

Schumer decided to make the most out of it.

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