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I'd Consider it an Improvement

Madonna face morph funny - 6938137088
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I'm Surprised Hollywood Hasn't Made This Morph Into a Movie Yet...

Music actor nicolas cage nicki minaj face morph funny - 6891851520
By Unknown

The Most Terrifying Face Morph to Date

actor nicolas cage celeb face morph nic cage funny - 6760503552
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Now You Have This to Deal With...

actor celeb face morph face swap funny katie holmes Tom Cruise wtf - 6414658048
Via J Hermann

Face Morph: Miranda Cosgrove + Goat = Nightmare Fodder

actor celeb creepy face morph funny miranda cosgrove wtf - 6391153920
Via Canadumb

This Face Morph Could Possibly Lead to The End of The World

actor celeb chris evans chris hemsworth face morph face swap funny Hall of Fame robert downey jr sexy tom hiddleston - 6355546624
Via Tie is Iron Man
creepy face morph Video zac efron - 36889601

Zac Efron Face Morph

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actor celeb face morph lindsay lohan Sad Video - 36169729

Lindsay Lohan Face Morph Might Give You Nightmares

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