Lee Daniels drops an 'F' bomb over Empire Emmy Snub
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Emmy nominations will always upset someone, and the July 16 announcements were no different.

To many, one of the biggest losers was FOX's new, and extremely popular, show Empire.

Due to it's impressive ratings and social media buzz, many thought it would be a shoe-in to receive multiple Emmy nominations, both for the acting roles and for the series as a whole.

Some people saw the snub coming months ago:

However, the person who took it the hardest was show creator Lee Daniels. He made his thoughts quite clear on Instagram.

#canfinallypostthis #timetoberealagain #emmyniceguyoverwith @jussiesmollett 😂

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It wasn't a complete loss for the show. Taraji P. Henson, who plays fan favorite Cookie, earned herself a nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress In a Drama Series.

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In these NBC promos, a new show is born, which will certainly become America's new favorite drama: