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Muggle Mortality of the Day: It's Been 15 Years Since Furthering Proof that Death is Nearing

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Beauty and the Beast Cast Want You to Be Their Guest

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Is Jennifer Lawrence Covering Emma Watson's Face or Trying to Steal it?

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Matthew Hanney is the Incredible Shrinking Boyfriend

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Let Emma Show You

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It's A Fine Line

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When Is This? Circa 'Prisoner of Azkaban'

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This Vague Tweet Might Lead to The World's Most Adorable Party

Text - Emma Watson Anna Kendrick-cups EmWatson 59m Details Anna Kendrick Following @AnnaKendrick47 .@EmWatson I love how vague this tweet is. Did you like the song or am I in charge of cups and ice for your next party? #ThatWouldBeCoolToo Reply Retweet Favorite
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An Image is Worth A Thousand Words

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Emma a Witch

Harry Potter hermione granger emma watson - 7776124672
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After 8 Movies, Snape is Still Giving Her a Hard Time

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I Can Wish

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It's Just Bad Timing!

Daniel Radcliffe Memes emma watson - 7153838592
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Dear Hollywood: What Happened?!

monster movies robert pattinson hollywood emma watson - 7150171392
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OK Maybe a Little

Harry Potter emma watson Stephen Fry - 7135199744
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The Most Adorable Picture of Emma Watson You'll See all Day!

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