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Cameron Crowe Says Sorry, Not Sorry for Emma Stone's Whiteness in That Movie You Didn't See

Emma Stone tries her best, fails at playing asian, prompting Cameron Crowe apology
Via The Guardian

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Know How to Stay Cool Around Paparazzi

andrew garfield emma stone paparazzi - 8226564096
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Emma Stone Explains The DIfference Between Gwen and Mary Jane

emma stone Spider-Man gwen stacy - 8171794944
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the tonight show jimmy fallon emma stone lip sync Video - 60498433

Emma Stone Kills Jimmy Fallon in a Lip Sync Battle

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Graham Norton spice girls emma stone pranks funny - 60158977

Emma Stone Gets a Spicy Prank on The Graham Norton Show

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Two Hours of This Would Be Better Than The Actual Movie

andrew garfield emma stone gwen stacy - 8017062400
By Unknown

Challenge Accepted

gif Spider-Man emma stone - 7813068288
By Unknown
the amazing spider-man peter parker andrew garfield emma stone Bad Lip Reading gwen stacy - 48308225

A Bad Lip Reading of The Amazing Spider-Man

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If You Know I Mean...

gifs actor emma stone funny - 6894615040
By Unknown

Before Her "Easy A"

yearbook middle school actor emma stone funny - 6815663616
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the amazing spider-man andrew garfield emma stone plot holes gwen stacy - 44050177

Honest Trailer: The Amazing Spider-Man

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On what planet is this outfit considered to be fashionable?

actor celeb emma stone fashion funny - 6424898048
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That Kitten's Got Claws!

actor andrew garfield celeb emma stone funny Movie summer blockbusters the amazing spider-man - 6432694272
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If Style Could Kill: Celebrity Sunglasses

adam lambert andrew garfield emma stone funny celebrity pictures jessica alba lady gaga rihanna Selena Gomez - 6379390208
By Unknown

You look better as a blonde. Excuse me??

actor celeb emma stone funny Ryan Gosling - 6238425088
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andrew garfield emma stone first look Movie Spider-Man Video - 37859585

Four Minute "Super Preview" of "The Amazing Spider Man"

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