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Instagram Feed of the Day: Ru'Paws' Drag Race Makes a Drag Queen Cat Recreate the Show's Best Outfits

RuPaws Drag Race Instagram shows a kitty dressing in the drag queen style.
Via rupaws_drag_race
woman alien Fantastic Four Mars dress - 597765

Links of the Day: Sadistic Raccoons, Martian Women and What You Missed This Weekend

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Classic Doctor's Scarf Is Makes an Awesome Dress

dress scarf - 8257669376
Via rebelats
dress red carpet - 154117

Like Everything She Touches, The Internet Loves Jennifer Lawrence's Golden Globes Dress

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Perfect Summer Outfit!

concert dress justin bieber - 7984585728
By Unknown

We're Referring to Her Feet, Of Course

dress - 5909700096
See all captions By deusdiabolus

If Style Could Kill: Recycled Couture

fashion style dress - 7104592384
By Unknown

If Style Could Kill: Transformers are Go!

gifs fashion style dress - 7104583680
By Unknown

Wow a dress made from Swiffer sweeper cloths

amy adams dress oscars - 7091351808
See all captions By Unknown

If Style Could Kill: Couture Camping Gear

fashion style dress - 7102187264
By Unknown

Ooh, a Jellyfish Theme!

dress umbrella - 7080738048
By Unknown

If Style Could Kill: Dress for Action!

fashion comic books style dress - 7080513536
By Unknown

If style Could Kill: Light Up the Night

fashion style dress tron - 7062161152
Via Scruffy Rebel

If Style Could Kill: You Just SHINE in That Dress

jack nicholson fashion style dress the shining - 7062220544
Via A Clockwork Pink

If Style Could Kill: Such a Blockhead

fashion style alexander mcqueen dress if style could kill - 7048125952
By Unknown

If Style Could Kill: So Much Room For Leftovers!

metal fashion style dress if style could kill - 6994688256
By Unknown
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