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The Wellington's evening dances where never quite the same after Gangnam Style.

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The Evolution of Movie Dance: 1921-2010

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Shake Shake Shake! Shake Shake Shake!

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Gangam Style Wedding

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Picard Dance

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I got Them Moves Like Vader

dance darth vader funny gifs Movie star wars - 6513291264
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Everybody Do the Grammy Dance!

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The Evolution Of Movie Dances

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Awkward dance dancing funny Video - 23487745

Music Video Outtakes: The Boss

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Beyonce Gets Bodied With P.S. 161 Pedro Albizu Campos Middle School

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Anatomy Of A Dancer

Chart dance funny michael jackson - 4621703680
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Vulcans Bring The Funk...Awww Yeah!

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That's why I stay at the... Y.M.C.A!

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And now I will show you the dance of my people.

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Do the Leo Strut

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