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Wonder Where He'll Build a Nest

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Jaden Smith Isn't Off the Rails, He's Just a Comic Writer in Disguise

twitter jaden smith comics failbook - 8271351552
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Not Getting Injured is One Thing but This is Rediculous

comics xmen wolverine - 8237448448
By thedoctorofwho

Seth Rogan, Evan Goldberg Adampting 'Preacher' Comic to AMC Series WIth Breaking Bad's Sam Catlin

comics amc - 8046033408
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Mrs. Dan the Downer

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Jon Snow Game of Thrones comics - 7267799296
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Simon's (Snow) Cat

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The Ladies Will LOVE Me

summer comics dating fails g rated - 7240293376
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Doctor Who Happy Hour

comics doctor who g rated - 7245513728
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How to Tell if a Person Goes to Community College

fred armisen comics TV - 7150821632
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Some of the Greatest Minds Ever Assembled!

animation comics TV the simpsons - 7121856000
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Sure it's Sad Bruce Wayne's Parents Had to Die That Way, But it Could Have Been So Much Worse

comics superheroes batman - 7093782016
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If Anakin Hadn't Gone to the Dark Side

star wars comics Fan Art luke skywalker anakin skywalker Princess Leia - 7074911488
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The Taste is Strong With This One

star wars comics pink floyd darth vader - 6940574464
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The Hawkeye Initiative

marvel Awkward comics Fan Art hawkeye poses avengers - 6837312000
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DC vs Marvel: Who Wins at the Box Office?

comics DC infographic marvel superheroes - 6621150464
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