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Spock's All Timey-Wimey

JJ Abrams doctor who comic Star Trek - 7654531328
By Unknown

Congratulations! You Are Now Fully Qualified to Business!

gravity falls TV comic walt disney - 7133137664
Via Fenciero

Tina Fey is Basically the Coolest Person Ever

tina fey comic paparazzi - 7121712640
Via Lyceck

The Most Irritating Things Parents Say

Modern Family TV comic - 7119046144
By Unknown

Bro... Not Cool

comic batman christian bale - 7111310592
By Unknown

Never Trash the Greatness of "Pulp Fiction"

Dwayne Johnson john travolta pulp fiction comic - 7111301888
By Unknown

When Negotiation Turns Ugly

homer simpson comic the simpsons - 7094144512
Via Channel 6 Action News

Cops Don't Take Kindly to Wiseacres in These Parts

jensen ackles Supernatural TV comic - 7082683136
Via Dean-Cas

We Need a New Way to Imprison Criminals...

benedict cumberbatch tom hiddleston comic Anthony HOpkins - 7077846016
Via Raven Montoya

That Feel After You Embarrass Yourself in Front of a Group of People

comic Star Trek george takei walter koenig - 7077197056
By Unknown

Mind Equals Blown!

scarlett johansson Jeremy renner comic - 7077183232
By Unknown

This Helpless Child Will Now be Mine!

wil wheaton Michael Dorn Jonathan Frakes comic Star Trek patrick stewart - 7074421760
Via Raptorific

Follow Your Dreams, Master Wayne!

comic batman - 7065053952
Via Never Shave Thomas

A Valuable Guide to Hair Styles, Courtesy of Star Trek:TNG

TV comic Star Trek - 7064582912
Via ST:TNG Fashion

So Close...

animation comic funny the simpsons TV - 6635364864
Via F**k Yeah Springfield

Morning People Need to Just Go Away

animation cinderella comic walt disney - 7064285696
By Unknown
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