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Self-Respect: 1930s vs. 2010s

history lil wayne style clothing problems - 7255166208
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Stars Wars AT-AT Jacket by Marc Ecko

star wars clothing - 6877388544
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Cats clothes clothing fashion new york Video - 41922817

The Best Look From New York Fashion Week

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Wrong Again, '90s!

90s clothing fashion retro ugly - 5458543104
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And the Teenagers of Today Are So Much Better?

90s clothing fashion teenagers - 5444797696
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I Could Use a New Nightie...

clothing dresses fashion Jay Z kanye west live music rappers shirts wtf - 5420339712
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And This Is What We Call "Adorkable"?

clothing zooey deschanel - 5360006656
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Grandma Will Be Missing Her Tablecloth

clothing Hall of Fame kristen stewart laundry - 5368317696
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I Don't Think That's How It Works...

singers clothing drinking dumb nekkid rihanna sexy tequila - 5348104960
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Even famous families get matching jumpers from granny for Christmas

clothing grandma lolz michael jackson music video - 4061851136
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clothing Jessica Simpson max ROFlash - 3952018688
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My Eyes! They're Not Melting!

singers advertising britney spears clothing trainwreck celebrities - 3723689728
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What do you mean "My Snuggie is on backward"?

clothing Jedi masters Samuel L Jackson sci fi snuggie star wars - 3273445632
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If she's still wearing that when hunting season starts...

clothing fashion hats hunting lady gaga - 3240713216
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The shock collar is for your own safety

clothing collar inappropriate miley cyrus outfit - 3173698816
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Nothing says "I'm a billionaire" like a $9.00 sweatshirt

clothing Music pharrell williams rapper - 3053082112
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