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Blessing or A Curse?

agent coulson clark gregg marvel The Avengers agents of shield - 7925713920
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Why Can't I... Hold all These Feels?

twitter actor The Avengers TV tweet funny clark gregg - 6958595584
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Why, Phil... WHY!!!

leonardo dicaprio Movie actor The Avengers Ryan Gosling funny clark gregg - 6941227264
By Unknown

Perfect Last Words

Movie actor The Avengers Samuel L Jackson celeb funny clark gregg - 6763760384
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Loki's Plan for the End of the World

loki tom hiddleston Movie actor The Avengers celeb funny clark gregg - 6738776832
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Agent Fanboy

funny actor celeb clark gregg chris evans Movie The Avengers - 6663277312
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I'll Take a Rain Check

actor agent coulson captain america celeb clark gregg funny Movie summer blockbusters The Avengers - 6580413440
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Because I'm TOTALLY Not... Unless You Are

chris evans clark gregg funny Movie summer blockbusters The Avengers - 6263948544
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Dad Pls... I Can do it Myself!

actor celeb clark gregg funny gifs Hall of Fame Movie The Avengers Thor tommy lee jones - 6257371392
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