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I Just Can't Wait to be King Played on Glass Bottles Will be Stuck in Your Head All Day

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Nostalgia of the Day: Nickelodeon Finally Explains This Splat Thing

Nickelodeon explains the splat block of programming.
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It's Time to Get Honest About How Creepy 'Peter Pan' Really Is

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7 Legitimate Defenses of Some of Disney's Most Nefarious Villains

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90s Kids of the Day: Nickelodeon Might Be Launching a Channel Dedicated Exclusively to 1990s Cartoons

Nickelodeon is toying with launching a 1990s cartoon network called The Splat.
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TBT of the Day: Jurassic Park was Almost a Cartoon in the early 1990s

WIlliam stout shared images from a Jurassic Park cartoon that never was.
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10 Controversial Banned Cartoons That Were Actually Made

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Hold Onto Your Nostalgia Feels, The Man Behind Fairly Oddparents Has a Tumblr

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Akira Meets the Simpsons in This Bizarre Trailer Recreation

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This Chart Explains the Feels that Happen When Inside Out Characters Team Up

Inside Out emotions chart explains it all.
Via maaarine
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Need More Pixar? Here's Their New Slate of Future Films to Make You Weep

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Childhood Ruined: Classic Cartoons Go to College

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Kung Fu Panda Returns to the Dojo in this New Movie Trailer

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Sometimes, It's OK to Spoil Game of Thrones

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What If Disney's Animal Characters Looked Like Us?

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This Video Shows Disney's Recycled Animation in Action

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