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Best Present Ever!

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Holy Sticker Shock, Batman! 9 Movie and TV Cars That Were Sold For Big Bucks

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Damn, Dogg, You've Got a Nice Ride!

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Both Bost Impressive Horsepower

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We're in a Hurry, and This Thing Only Goes Three Miles Per Hour!

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For Your Eyes Only: Cars 2

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They say that for men a car is an extension of their manhood. This Escalade used to belong to K-Fed.

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Never EVER buy a used car from these people!

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This is ridiculous BatMan. Why can't you admit we haven't got an 'invisible' car

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I'm so rich... I had the dealership match the paint to my skin.

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Tom opted for the pre-installed booster seat

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Captain. The check engine light is on again.

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I don't recommend THIS body shop...

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Thank goodness that's an English car, or she'd be driving

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