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These Cross Stitch Tattoos Will Make You Clean Out Your Savings and Book a Flight to Turkey

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Iron Man VS Captain America

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The ALS Challenge Claims Another Victim

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Captain America Definitely Didn't Skip Leg Day in The Winter Soldier

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Check Out All the Easter Eggs in Some of Your Favorite Marvel Movies

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Marvel Announces New Captain America on Colbert Report

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EW Gives Us a First Look at Ultron

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Captain America Isn't Number One in a Lot of Things, But He Still Manages to Be Number One Overall

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Bucky and Steve, Til The End of The Line

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Captain Rogers

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The Winter Soldier Gets a Little Art Deco

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Pulp Fiction Makes An Appearance In Captain America 2

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After Captain America 2, Everyone Is Hailing Hydra

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Well...it IS a U.S. Territory

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Another Captain America Film is Already Coming at Us in 2016

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Captain America: The First Avenger - Abridged! by Cribble

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