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art hbo animation Theme Song Video win - 77281025

Someone Animated an Intro to HBO's The Wire and It's Perfect

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Image Recovered From Banksy's Hard Drive

Image Recovered From Banksy's Hard Drive
Via hotelmario

TBT of the Day: Jurassic Park was Almost a Cartoon in the early 1990s

WIlliam stout shared images from a Jurassic Park cartoon that never was.
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Art of the Day: Banksy Opens Up a Deranged, Nightmarish Version of Disneyland

Banksy opens the doors to Dismaland bemusement park.
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disney art - 587013

Artist Creates 'Real Life' Disney Hunks

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queen elizabeth art hipster - 439557

15 World Leaders as Fashionistas

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disney art movies Fan Art cartoons - 526853

What If Disney's Animal Characters Looked Like Us?

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taylor swift art shake it off music video - 71236097

Art Students Redrew Taylor Swift's Shake It Off Video and it's Beautiful

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Music art portrait Video Jay Z - 71054849

This Time-Lapse Jay Z Portrait is Seriously Incredible

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The Characters of Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson art - 8472791296
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art video games - 421125

This is How Popular Games Would Look Like if They Were Isometric

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art Breast Cancer kanye west painting - 69527297

Breast Painter 't*tty Warhol' Paints Her "Boob of the Year" (Kanye)

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An Homage to The Doctor's Longest Companion: The Tardis

art regeneration tardis - 8242812928
Via stripeddesigns
art funny James Franco Video Seth Rogen - 60731649

Seth Rogan's Sketch of James Franco is Spot On

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Thanks a bunch, Micheal Bay

art FAIL TMNT - 8124255488
By will_wire

Who's Ready for Mad Men's Final Season?

art mad men - 8124326144
Via Milton Glaser
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