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animals cute kitten Video - 76531969

If You Hate Kittens or Channing Tatum, You Should Watch This Video

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animals google - 471045

Google Celebrates Earth Day By Calling You An Animal

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grrm Game of Thrones Video animals - 61528833

GRRM Has a Unique Opportunity for You to be in Game of Thrones

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peta funny Video animals - 59188481

Ricky Gervais is a Truly Hilarious Animal Lover

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Suspended After a Homophobic Rant? It's Just That Logical, My Man

animals homophobia - 7962769664
Via People

Beluga Whale Totally Looks Like the Joker

actor the joker TLL heath ledger funny animals - 6789436416
Created by ky_moll

miley's new hair Totally Looks Like the back of an iguana

TLL miley cyrus funny animals - 6799510016

This Dog Totally Looks Like Martin Sheen

actor TLL dogs funny animals - 6865988864

Taylor Swift Totally Looks Like this dog

taylor swift Music TLL dogs funny animals - 6791323392
Created by maleficence

Spinnin' Da Cat Jamz

gifs Music Cats funny animals - 6874971648

Mitch McConnell Totally Looks Like A Turtle

TLL republican turtle funny animals politics - 6822907392

Grumpy Cat's Kristen Stewart Impressions

kristen stewart actor meme Grumpy Cat tard Cats funny animals expressions Memes - 6827211008

Disney and Real Life

disney animation Movie animals - 6717602304

Chris Rock NAILS It

academy awards animals chris rock oscars race racism white people - 5899311104

I'd Be Lion if I Said I Didn't Love a Good Pun

animals ewan mcgregor Hall of Fame lions puns smoking - 5499887360
See all captions Created by hank

Don't Punk Out on Me, Slash!

animals betty white hair snakes - 5408994048
See all captions Created by kyadragon
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