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"I was scared sh*tless," Tom Cruise says in this featurette, showing an intense plane stunt from the upcoming Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. Captain obvious, over here.

It's just a reminder that, even though Cruise doesn't have the best public perception, what with his religious insanity and all, he still does his own stunts like a bad ass professional.

He went a little more in depth on the stunt with Yahoo UK.

"I fly warbirds (vintage military aircrafts), I fly aerobatic airplanes, but this was pretty damn exciting and exhilarating. The adrenaline was flowing! When that thing was going down the runway it was everything to keep my feet down, then it went up and my body was slamming on the side. I was like whoa, this is intense. It's the most dangerous thing I've ever done to be honest. The Burj Khalifa scene [from Mission: impossible - Ghost Protocol] was incredibly dangerous, so was Moab [the climbing scene in 'Mission: Impossible 2'].

Motorcycle scenes are dangerous because I can't wear pads and I don't wear a helmet. I'm going at high speeds and anything can happen. But I'm in control on a motorcycle… I can put the breaks on. But outside the airplane there's so many factors. Just too many things can happen. You don't want to do it. Once we had it, it was 'We're not doing it anymore'!

And hey, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol wasn't half bad.

Here's the full trailer for the fifth Mission Impossible movie, due out July 31.


Other sides of Better Call Saul's Jonathan Banks

Jonathan Banks had a particularly stellar showing in this week's Better Call Saul. This is no surprise to anyone familiar with his role as Mike Ehrmantraut on this show and its predecessor Breaking Bad. Obviously, he also replaced Pierce (RIP) in the fifth season of Community.
But by the time Banks made his grizzled face known to millions, he had almost 40 years of acting under his belt.
What else did he do? That's a great question.

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