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Behold: the "Duck Bomb"

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Find Out Which Celebrities are Giant Nerds Based on Their Answers to This Classic SciFi Question

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Adam Savage <3's Robot

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Jonathan Taplin Totally Looks Like Adam Savage

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A Summary of MythBusters

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Adam Savage And His C-3PO of the Day

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"I'll Take Celebrity Memes For $800, Alex..."

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Adam Savage As Gollum, Singing "I Will Survive"

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Mythbusters Are Fearless!

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It Was Worth A Shot...

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Myth. Not Even Once...

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This is the only press conference you will ever see to use the words "president" and "explode" in the same sentence.

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Let me explain it this way Mr. President... Have you seen Independence Day?

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Who ya gonna call? ...Mythbusters!!

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If science had been like this I wouldn't have failed it

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