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Selfie of the Day: Golf Legends Tiger Woods And Shooter McGavin Pose Together

Selfie of the Day: Golf Legends Tiger Woods And Shooter McGavin Pose Together
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So That's Why Adam Sandler Keeps Making Horrible Movies

Adam Sandler Horrible Movies Tumblr
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jimmy kimmel jimmy fallon late night bill murray tina fey adam sandler conan obrien David Letterman - 497157

The 8 Best Tributes to David Letterman

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adam sandler conan obrien funny weird - 59737857

Adam Sandler Searches for Conan O'Brien in a Bathrobe

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About Time

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E. L. James (50 Shades of Grey) Totally Looks Like Adam Sandler

author actor TLL adam sandler celeb funny - 6714941184
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College Greatest days of my life

actor adam sandler celeb funny - 6521011200
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You Can't Come Back From Jack and Jill

adam sandler burn facebook nostalgia - 6402312960
By iNickMidget09

Adam Overestimates his Waning Star Power.

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adam sandler andy samberg funny Movie spoof trailers Video - 38558209

"That's My Boy" Trailer, Courtesy of Andy Samberg

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The Razzies: Adam Sandler's "Jack and Jill" is Officially The Worst Film of 2011

actor adam sandler Movie - 5901302528
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Infographic: Why Adam Sandler Makes Sh*tty Movies

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This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things...

adam sandler celeb Hall of Fame Movie viggo mortensen - 5438643712
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The Adam Sandler Matrix

actor adam sandler celeb funny - 5436387840
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adam sandler funny Movie trailers Video - 22482433

George C. Scott Watches "Jack And Jill" Trailer

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Never Forget...

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