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Get Permission From Yo 'Rentz B5 Callin', Yo

mc hammer Music Ad nostalgia 90s funny - 6819184640
Via Up North Trips

Ahora Sabemos que su "Hairable" Secret, Sheldon!

Ad actor celeb the big bang theory funny jim parsons - 6769692160
Via Absolutely Madness

Durex Ad from China

commercial Ad innuendo China Michelle Obama condoms - 6746344704
Via Beijing Cream
actor Ad celeb funny jennifer aniston Ryan Seacrest spoof Video - 42122497

The Jennifer Aniston Security Tapes: Secrets Revealed by Smartwater

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Connect With Hot, Local Snapes Today!

Ad funny Harry Potter Severus Snape wtf youtube - 6550005504
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Googly Eyed Drew Barrymore

actor Ad celeb drew barrymore funny - 6537261824
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Billboard Ads For "The Dark Knight Rises"

Ad batman cool Movie summer blockbuster the dark knight rises - 6369049856
Via Bruce Wayne is Sexy

YouTube Ad Placement Win!

Ad celeb chris brown FAIL funny Music nicki minaj rihanna win - 6324898304

Help Me Find My Dragons

Ad fake funny Game of Thrones Hall of Fame hbo TV - 6324383744
Via Don't Plan on Looking Back

Get Your Photo Taken With Leonardo DiCaprio!*

Ad celeb funny leonardo dicaprio wtf wut - 5977253376
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And Then You'll Have to Flee The Pride Lands

Ad disney funny Hall of Fame Movie the lion king - 5920593152
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Can You Name This Horribly Shooped Actress?

actor Ad celeb shoop zooey deschanel - 5888396800
Via www.psdisasters.com
Ad celeb commercial funny john stamos Video - 34451969

John Stamos Loves Neet Girls

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Perfect Ad Placement

Ad celeb chris brown funny Music rihanna - 5878556928
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Ad funny Video - 33168641

Mean Joe Green + Amy Sedaris = Gold

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