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actor montage Clint Eastwood supercut funny Video - 47309825

Squint Eastwood: a Clint Eastwood Supercut

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Daniel Craig Movie actor james bond skyfall honest trailer - 47307265

Honest Trailer: Skyfall

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Gold Star for You, Legolas!

orlando bloom Lord of the Rings Movie actor comic funny - 7039033344
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And One for My Klingon Homies

Michael Dorn actor TV comic Star Trek funny - 7038871040
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Help Frodo by Liking This on Facebook!

Lord of the Rings actor elijah wood funny - 7036159744
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The Fresh Prince of Persia

shoop poster Movie actor fake will smith funny - 7035490560
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actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt funny Video paparazzi - 47258369

This is Why People Hate the Paparazzi

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Always Hedge Your Bets!

twitter actor Neil Patrick Harris tweet funny - 7035275776
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Moonwalkin' Straight Out The TV!

gifs Movie actor funny Jane Lynch - 7035201792
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When You Argue With People Online

gifs 30 rock actor tina fey NBC TV comedian - 7035140864
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It Was an Honest Mistake

how i met your mother actor TV comic HIMYM Neil Patrick Harris funny jason segel - 7027425536
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First Look: New "Iron Man 3" Poster

poster robert downey jr Movie actor iron man - 7026699008
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That Face When Your Wife Won't Let You Bash Her Brains In

jack nicholson Movie actor the shining funny - 7026657280
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A Ben Wyatt Love Collage!

parks and recreation adam scott actor collage NBC TV funny - 7026218752
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A Good Farmer Always Keeps a Pitchfork Handy

the office jenna fischer rainn wilson actor NBC TV funny - 7026534912
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Exercise? Oh No, No That's Not Good at All!

actor elmo Amy Poehler TV Sesame Street funny - 7026185984
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