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these work out boots Totally Looks Like Chel's boots from Portal

Portal video games - 7518002432
By Unknown

Chocolate Companion Cube

Portal chocolate companion cubes - 7137911552
By andremurrai (Via Zeek)

The Cutest Little Companion

necklace Portal - 7063561728
By dangerbaker (Via Etsy)

Roll the Dice For Companionship

3d printed dice Portal companion cubes - 7059027200
Via NiqueGeek

Portal Companion Cube Cake

lego Portal - 6837571072
Via So Geek Chic

Companion Heart Pendant

necklace heart pendant Jewelry Portal - 6813726464
Via So Geek Chic

Inflatable Personality Cores

game inflatable Portal - 6789054208
Via Laughing Squid

Wedding Personality Core

cake topper Portal - 6724641024
By Samantha

Companion (Ice) Cubes

video game Portal companion cubes - 6696408320
Via Think Geek

Famous Robots

Chart Portal robots star wars terminator transformers - 6611343872
Via Daniel Nyari

Now You're Avenging With Portals!

funny game iron man Portal shoop The Avengers - 6478316544
Via Rage Nineteen

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