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Music celeb Video - 77856001

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell Made a 'Africa' Music Video While on Safari

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If Your Job Was Closed-Captioning the Kardashians, You Might Have Tried to Slip This In Too

funny fail image Keeping Up With the Kardashians caption whore
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rapper reveals he believes in conspiracy theories

2016 Is the Year Rapper B.o.B. Speaks Out... About All His Conspiracy Theories

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butt FAIL Video - 169991

When Jennifer Lopez Takes a Bow, You'll Know Why This Camera Was Focused On Her Most Famous Asset the Whole Time

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Magic Mike XXL Would Be Super Creepy Starring a 12-Year-Old

funny facebook fail Channing Tatum is not 12
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Oops She Googled Some Corn?

funny fail image Britney Spears posted a google image search for grilled corn as her own
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stephen colbert TV names Video - 77472257

Actress Saoirse Ronan Gives Stephen Colbert Pointers on His Irish Accent and Pronunciation

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singing david bowie crowd Video - 77439233

If You Woke Up Still Missing David Bowie, Listen to This Crowd in His Hometown Singing ‘Starman’

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Music beyoncé celeb Video - 77356033

Channing Tatum's Wife Satirically-Serenaded Him With 'Pony' on Stage

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Adele Shares Her Gym Face and It's All Too Relatable

funny instagram image Adele shares her gym face
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neighbors parody Sesame Street Video - 77293057

With Sesame Street Moving to HBO, Jimmy Kimmel Overlaps it With True Detective

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movies Samuel L Jackson pop culture TV Video - 77283073

You're Going To Want To Hear Samuel Jackson Put His Own Spin on Notable Movie Quotes

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art hbo animation Theme Song Video win - 77281025

Someone Animated an Intro to HBO's The Wire and It's Perfect

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Cheezburger Image 706821

Celebrities Are Just Like Us: Binging Netflix's 'Making a Murderer' and Tweeting About It

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TV lost Video - 77074945

If You've Never Watched 'Lost' Now You Don't Have to, Just Take 4 Minutes

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wtf donald trump British weird Video - 76850689

A Posh-Sounding British-Accented Donald Trump is Honestly the Most Confusing Sounding Thing You'll Hear Today

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