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Rampage was a series of games that started with an arcade cabinet in 1986 and has been in most consoles from the Atari 2600 to the Playstation 2.

It tells the compelling story of a giant gorilla, giant lizard and a giant werewolf who climb buildings, punch windows and eat passerbys.

So, this is a little crazy. It makes a total of four, that's right four, movies possibly coming out in the next five years that are about giant creatures terrorizing cities: Godzilla 2, Anne Hathaway's interesting sounding monster movie and (the one that really matters) Pacific Rim 2.

The video says that Johnson would play someone on the ground trying to stop the marauding monsters. But if he were to don some big rubber suit, which would he play: the gorilla, the lizard or the werewolf?

We say werewolf.