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It seems like only yesterday that we got the first glimpse of the Goosebumps movie. Oh wait. It was only yesterday.

In the wake of the media avalanche that is San Diego Comic Con, Sony Pictures maybe wanted to get ahead of the curve with the release of the first poster.

And only the day after, we received the first trailer for the movie based on the long-running series of young adult/children's horror books. If you're anywhere between the ages of 12 and 35, you probably have some experience reading these books to the point of fright.

And now you'll be able to watch a movie about it in October! The future!

In this take on the book series that started in 1992, Jack Black plays the author R.L. Stine as he's tasked with rounding up his creations.

Well, they both have glasses.


The official Twitter account of the movie just dropped a new, official trailer on the hot heels of the other one.

Welcome to National Goosebumps Day, apparently.