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Fast food restaurants have really figured out how to get on the news cycle lately — namely through doing weird stuff that makes no sense.

Not six months ago, Darrell Hammond resurrected the corporate mascot of Colonel Sanders to sling fried chicken at a hungry America. And now, for a reason that is very unclear, fellow Saturday Night Live alum Norm Macdonald is stepping into the three-piece suit to replace him.

KFC Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Hochman explained it

For the first ads, we rebooted things that made Kentucky Fried Chicken the most favorite chicken brand in the world. We brought back the Colonel's iconic office, his white stretch limo, and the children's mandolin band he outfitted with instruments and white Colonel Suits to create authentic Kentucky bluegrass music. And the new set of ads are more of that same homage to the things that made Kentucky Fried Chicken such an important part of American families.

This is pretty dumb. But we can't bring ourselves close enough to care about any part of it.

Just like McDonald's idiotic revamp of the Hamburglar.

Remember that? It doesn't matter.


#LoveWins Today and Brands Are Weirdly Trying to as Well

So, the Supreme Court of the United States essentially legalized gay marriage today for all 50 states and it's a wonderful thing.

There's been a lot of rejoicing, which is great. There's also been a lot of brands rejoincing, which can be a little weird.

It's lovely to see them make an effort to share in this civil rights victory, but it also can seem a tiny bit pandering and strange. In the end, they are still businesses trying to sell you something, right?

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