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Back to the Future DeLorean golf cart.
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We've got to go back — to the golf course!

With the quick approach of Oct. 21 2015, which is the final date in Back to the Future 2, it seems like many people are looking to commemorate the event.

A team led by David and Vicki Heykants, John Perrin and Lucas Evanochko created this beautiful contraption to auction of for the Red Deer College's 30th Annual Golf Classic.

As they say in the videos description:

During a time of hoverboards and PhunkeeDucks, it only makes sense that we see a DeLorean golf cart.

...The only things missing are the gull-wing doors.

Detailed on the team's website, they show off the flux capacitor and the Mr. Fusion power source in the back. This thing has everything.

Take a look at a video of the whole beautiful thing:

flux capacitor back to the future Think geek - 8270295040
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But not really...you may not be able to travel in time with this baby, but you can definitely take a trip down memory lane. Think Geek has created a flux capacitor USB charger for all the Back to the Future fans who always dreamed of having a time traveling DeLorean.

GREAT SCOTT!! Marty has travelled back in time and taken the Flux Capacitor with him. We're not exactly sure where, so Doc Brown has authorized us to make these smaller Flux Capacitors to you so we can crowd-search time for Marty. Each one is capable of returning to a specific point in time, so you can join the search. Just plug it into your car's cigarette lighter (or as you young ones call it a "power port") and turn it on. 88mph and . . . ok, don't go that fast. That would be bad, because the Flux Capacitor Car Charger won't really take you through time - but it will charge all your USB-powered goodies.