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If you thought former Subway spokesperson and admitted child predator Jared Fogle couldn't get any more punchable, you'd be very wrong.

Fogle, who pled guilty to child pornography charges and crossing states lines to have sex with minors, can be seen in this unearthed video making fun of other alleged predators on To Catch a Predator.

The clips comes from a VH1 series, I Love The New Millennium, where actors and comedians comment on pop culture. Fogle can be seen at around 1:50 mocking would-be child predators.

"These guys continue to fall for it every single time. There must be, like, a hundred million episodes of this show, and these guys still come out," he says.

OK, Jared. (rage throws keyboard across room)

The New York Post has a pun heavy headline for Jared Fogle.
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br> Jared Fogle's admission of deviant charges makes everyone feel as gross as if they'd actually eaten a Subway sandwich.

Just leave it to the New York Post to make a joke that your uncle would say at Thanksgiving dinner about the whole nasty business.

It does what comes the most natural to us denizens of the Internet — joking away the discomfort.

Joking on this monster of a person has resulted in everything from witty nostalgia:

To very inappropriate.

Or if you just want some good, old-fashioned schadenfreude, here are some of the earliest commercials involving the disgusting creep in question.