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53 Things Donald Trump Has Definitely Searched for on Google

Ever wonder what Donald Trump searches for on Google in his spare time? Wonder no longer, friend. We've got you covered.

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South Park killed Donal Trump Last Night
Via: Comedy Central
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As is their wont, South Park destroyed Donald Trump last night.

Trump has obviously been all over everything over the past few months, most recently facing off against Stephen Colbert on The Late Show. And the creators of South Park ain't havin' it.

Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been regularly involved in politics, everything from Kim Jong Il lamentation in Team America: World Police to the President Obama's first election episode which aired the day after voting.

In the episode, Donald Trump becomes the Canadian president and he must be stopped. According to the show, they thought his candidacy was a joke, but they let the joke go too far.

So in very South Park fashion, Mr. Garrison invades Canada to sexually assault Trump to death.


To quote the show:

"Did you hear the good news? The Canadian president has been f*cked to death!"

Via: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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After launching his new show with a bevy of jokes on Donald Trump, Stephen Colbert decided it would be a nice idea to invite the GOP front running candidate for the presidency on The Late Show.

So, Sept. 22, it happened.

It certainly wasn't the best interview Colbert has had on his show so far, that honor goes to the the emotional chat with Vice President Joe Biden. But still it was a civilized conversation in which Trump still would not say whether President Obama was born in America.

Then they played a little game:

All in all, a solid night at The Late Show.

Make Your Halloween Great Again With This Sexy Donald Trump Costume
Via: Yandy
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The best Halloween costume ever is calling, and all you need to do is pick up the phone.

Yandy.com is selling a sexy Donald Trump Halloween costume that goes by the name of Donna T. Rumpshaker. The costume comes complete with a white sleeveless shirt, red tie, royal blue blazer and royal blue booty shorts.

Obviously no sexy Donald Trump outfit is complete without some booty shorts.

The hat and iconic wig are sold separately because that's how American capitalism works, you socialist Muslim LOSER.

We only hope the costume is made in Mexico or China.